If you’ve ever been to Australia’s famous Bondi Beach you will know only too well the power of the ocean.  If like me you have never bee you have no doubt seen it on Channel 10’s Bondi Rescue.

Episode after episode you see tourists happily playing on the sand bar before making one small step to the side and falling in to the power of the rip.  The thing about a rip is it tries to pull you away from safety out to the depths of the ocean.  Any sane person who knows no better will naturally try and fight their way back to the sand bar or the shore line.

The thing about rips though – much like quick sand is the more you struggle the more energy you expel until finally you are so tired that you can’t struggle no more and you begin to sink a losing battle.

What most people doesn’t realise is that much like anxiety a rip only has a short half life of energy to use against you.  The key to taking away its power is to sit back and relax as best you can and go with the rip.. to use the words of Dr Claire Weekes just float through.

Before you know it you the rip will have run its course and will no longer be pulling you out to sea.  You can then use all the energy you conserved to simply swim to the side and make your way back to shore – or even continue playing in the ocean.

This is exactly how anxiety works and how you need to respond to take away its power.  Simply float through the anxiety until it runs out of steam.

We know from past experience it generally has a short half life at it’s peak and the sooner you can simple allow and accept the feelings the sooner they will dissipate allowing you to go about your day playing in the ocean of life.