It was during a regular visit to my GP that she casually asked if I had any suicidal thoughts.  I’m not offended or scared by the question because I know all health providers have an obligation to ask each visit.

I said no.. it’s just all the negative thoughts, you know? that is when she cut me off and said I know what you mean.. you just want all the shit to stop.

I could not have expressed it better myself.  It was a great relief to hear the doctor explain it in such a casual, Aussie-slang manner.  She gets it I thought to myself.

If you have been suffering from general anxiety disorder I know you know exactly what I mean.  It is the very essence of why we feel like we are losing control.  Why we think we are going crazy.

It’s because of all the negative thoughts and worries – or the shit I should say that makes you feel this way.  The thing about the shit though is it is for lack of a better word bullshit.

It’s not true, it’s not fact – and there is no evidence to say it ever will be fact.  This is why you need to reframe it from a scary fact in to a laughable joke.

You know when you’re conversing with that person and he or she tells you a story and you just think – or some times say you talk shit.  A couple of decades ago my parents would refer to this person as a bullshit artist.

That’s what worry is.

The next time these intrusive negative thoughts impose upon your daily routine respond exactly like you would to a bullshit story.  Laugh at it and see worry for the bullshit artist it is.