As an Australian I must admit the idea of peanut butter and jelly (or jam as we call it) sounds strange at first but it has come to be one of my favourite snacks — with cheese of course, cheese makes everything better.

A few days a week I also enjoy lifting weights.  I find it very challenging and it’s also inline with my values of getting stronger and staying fit.

Sometimes I like to start the mornings off with a bike ride or a walk around the neighbourhood and lake too.

On weekends I enjoy spending time with the kids and getting out of the house.  Sometimes we go to the shops or other times we go to a nature park or on a small hike.

During the week I enjoy going to a friends office to work even though I work remotelyand am free to work from anywhere including home I enjoy the company and the social factor.

These are just some of my favourite activities and although they are quite simple they are also quite routine.

But now what the hell does this have to do with anything you might be thinking?  Well because at some point in ones life we often find ourselves wondering about the meaning of life.

Sometimes looking for a bigger picture.  It’s a very easy trap to fall in to.  But are we asking a question for which we already have the answer?  I believe sometimes the answer is yes.

I believe the question is sometimes trying to complicate what we already know the answer to.  All of my favourite activities are the meaning of life.

But what if you are asking yourself the question and failing to come up with your own answers?  Then the better question to ask yourself would be am I living by my values.

Values are a wonderful thing.  Values are a compass.  These things don’t have to be extravagant or exciting although they may be.  They don’t need to be easy and comfortable all the time either.  They just need to be meaningful to you.

As many people will realise at some point in their life sometimes things don’t go to plan.  Shit happens as the bumper sticker says.  Illness, death, divorce, redundancy or unemployment.. these are just a few things to name that are out of our control.

But for the majority of us we thankfully have control over our actions.  And as long as we have control over our actions we have control over the meaning of life — our own meaning of life.

So next time you feel a bit anxious, a bit out of sorts ask yourself am I living by my values?  If the answer is no then think of one small thing you can do right now and take action.

Move your arms, your legs, your body and use your values as a compass to point you in the right direction.